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360 Secure Browser download Introduction:

360 Secure Browser is a free web-browser that lets you browse faster and securely. The latest version of 360 Secure Browser comes with both Internet Explorer and webkit engines to enhance your web-experience. It is now available free to download on your computer and experience the safest browsing experience with lots of customizable options. 360 Secure Browser has some new features equipped such as dual engines, ad-filter, video pop-out and secure browsing environment.

360 Secure Browser

360 Secure Browser Description:

There are several browsers available in the market and the best like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox are most popular amongst all. Every browser has its own quality, shape and functions that helps the user to choose the default browser from the web. Since the majority of persons using Google Chrome or Mozilla as default browser there is a new browser known as 360 Secure Browser which is leading its own path. 360 secure browser is a new browser with various options and packed with features to ensure secure environment for browsing.

360 Secure Browser Features:

The user Interface of 360 secure browser is pretty looking with the accessed pages are displayed as thumbnails whenever user opens a new tab. With multiple engines in 360 secure browser applications, it allows you to switch between IE and webkit modes depending on the websites we visited. There is an integrated advertisement blocker that hides all web and pop-up ads on Internet. It also detects and blocks phishing attempts with a dedicated filter options while you visit the sites. There are also some other features like bookmark option, download manager and mouse control support.

Download the latest version of 360 Secure Browser to your PC and makes your browsing safe and more comfort. The latest version now includes a cloud based download scanner, tabbed search with quickly switching and an updated Chrome store.

Download 360 Secure Browser

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