5 Best Free Windows backup Software

Windows backup Software Introduction:

Have you ever thought what you would do if your hard drive crashed all of a sudden or Windows stopped working as a result of multiple internet threats and viruses? The only dependable solution to these issues is ensuring you take regular backups, more particularly for crucial files. To save time, backups may be made for OS and installed programs so that the respective files can be restored in just a couple of clicks in case your system crashes. Here are the top five best free Windows backup software.

  1. Cobian Backup:

Cobian Backup image,Cobian Backup screenshot,Windows Backup Software.

Plan and backup your vital directories and files with this multi-threaded program from their initial location to other drives or directories either in a different computer of your already existing network or the same computer. It also supports FTP backup in both directions (upload and download).

Cobian Backup Key Features:

  • Backup works in two versions – application and service.
  • Light on resources, runs discreetly in the background without slowing down your PC performance.
  • Features rich settings menu consisting of configuration options with respect to engine, functionality, compression, FT and visuals.
  • Copies folders and files in their compressed or original mode to an alternative destination, without performing compression by itself.
  • In case of file size reduction and simultaneous protection, it features strong encryption methods and limited compression.
  • Enables configuration of desired folders and files, besides Volume Shadow Copy and usage of timestamps to generate separate backups or utilize file attribute logic.
  • Allows access to its features with a simple click, besides displaying new task details in the main window.
  • Cons: Since it does not support compression, it is not appropriate for extremely large files.

System Requirements:

Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, Windows 7
Works in both 32 and 64 bits Windows
Latest version:

           Home               Download Cobian Backup

  1. DriveImage XML:

DriveImage XML image,DriveImage XML screenshot,Windows Backup Software.

This software is perfect for backing up and imaging partitions as well as logical drives. Logical drives including partitions can be backed up with this program to image files, browse them, view, extract and restore files to a different or same drive or enable direct copying from one drive to the other. Microsoft’s VSS (Volume Shadow Services) is used for image creation of safe “hot images” from drives that are currently in use. An image can therefore be compressed with relative ease if you wish to save some disk space.

DriveImage XML Key Features:

  • Works in raw mode, wherein a partition’s occupied space is created exactly in the same manner, although a file that can’t be browsed is also generated at the same time.
  • The entire image is to be extracted in order to view the image content.If you uncheck this option, files can be browsed from the image file, besides extracting a particular file.
  • The entire data may be replaced from the object partition and it is therefore important not to lose useful files. In case you wish to move data sans changes, a partition can be backed up by the program.
  • Microsoft’s VSS is used to back up those while that are currently being used and this inhibits corrupted disk snapshots. You can restore these backup files without the need for PC rebooting.
  • Intuitive interface that has a wizard for step-by-step guidance.
  • Cons: Incremental backups no allowed. An emergency boot CD of your own must be built as you cannot write to DVD.

System Requirements:

Pentium Processor – 256 MB RAM
Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8

         Home                Download DriveImage XML

  1. EaseUS Todo Backup Free:

EaseUS Todo Backup software,EaseUS Todo Backup image.

This is perfectly suitable for home users to have a reliable backup of their images, videos, music and other vital documents. Users can rest assured that their files are safe in a matter of minutes without the need for an IT specialist, thanks to its meticulous instruction wizards. The all-new intuitive user interface makes operation very easy, while the recently added featured called smart backup enables automatic backup upon making changes to particular files.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free Key Features:

  • Entire Windows system is backed within minutes and quickly restored to the new or the original location with a WinPE or Linux bootable media.
  • Your system can be safely and easily migrated to a bigger HDD or SDD for upgrade or disk replacement.
  • Backup job can be easily managed and in order to save storage space, outdated backup images are automatically deleted.
  • Backup can be scheduled to run automatically or recurrently, besides other features such as compression level adjustment, CPU priority and target folder specification, password-protection of a specific image, etc.
  • Enables verification of integrity of images, cloning of files, mounting of virtual drives, etc.
  • Cons: Pop-ups appear frequently requesting to upgrade.

System Requirements:

         Home               Download EaseUS Todo Backup For PC

Supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

                                    Download EaseUS Todo Backup For Server

Support Windows Server 2012 R2/2012/2008/2003/SBS

  1. Macrium Reflect Free:

Macrium Reflect image,Macrium Reflect screenshot.

This handy tool provides effective protection against data loss and creates disk partition backup, including back up of installed programs, operating system and all settings. Allows restoration of your disks to an earlier state in the event of hardware failure, thus enabling recovery of documents and other required programs. Uses the Volume Shadow Copy service to create system partition backup from inside Windows.

Macrium Reflect Free Key Features:

  • Features an intuitive interface for quick selection of desired disk for backup and also its location. Also features partition analysis for detection of errors prior to image creation.
  • Backs up used disk sectors exclusively by using a feature called the intelligent sector copy.
  • Top data compression techniques are used for creation of reliable and accurate images of hard disk.
  • Individual folders and files can be restored by creating a ‘Virtual’ drive in Explorer by using simple copy-paste operations.
  • Cons: Installation process is cumbersome; client is resource intensive and slow.

         Home                Download Macrium Reflect Free

  1. Paragon Backup & Recovery Free:

Paragon Backup & Recovery,Paragon Backup & Recovery image.

Gain complete control over your data and system security with this solid backup an exactly similar hard drive copy with relative ease including the applications, operating system, user settings and other data. Allows differential backup thus enabling backup of changed data only, saving story space for backup and accelerating the process.

Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Key Features:

  • In the initial run, the program features ‘Express Launcher’, restore wizards and a minimized interface providing easy backup access.
  • Interface displays meticulous information regarding the disk map, basic MBR hard disk, thus allowing system partitions management such as creation, formatting, deletion, hiding or changing of volume label.
  • Enables integrity check of archive, setting the image split size and adjusting the compression level.
  • User can also enable a special technology called hot processing, which is designed to create backup of locked volumes.
  • You can save the backup image to a local or network drive or burn it to a CD / DVD / BD disk to create a ‘Backup Capsule’, which represents a secret secure partition on your hard disk that can be operated even in case of damage of primary system files.
  • Cons: User Manual is not so helpful and takes you to the home page of the product which needs to be downloaded.

System Requirements:

         Home                Download Paragon Backup & Recovery Free (64 bit)

                                    Download Paragon Backup & Recovery Free (32 bit)

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