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Advanced Host Monitor – Network Monitoring Tool Review:

Advanced Host Monitor image,screenshot for Advanced Host Monitor,Host Monitor.Advanced Host Monitor is a powerful tool to detect the IP address of your system with best monitoring tools. The advanced tools can helpful to the people to change the IP address to escape from network attackers with simple techniques. You can choose the desire address and can work with that IP address only. Once you enter particular pattern and time limit in this software, the application can change the IP address for each 15 minutes or for any other time limit which you mentioned on your Host monitor settings. If you are in other place far to your computer then you will monitor your system with perfect schedulers.

Advanced Host Monitor conducts test to the computer to identify the free space of disks and etc easily. Normally, each disk can save particular amount data which is less than the memory allocated to that disk. If you delete some existing file from that disk then that file will occupy small space in that drive for backup. You can get that space as free through Advanced Host Monitor. Those backup files may or may not be useful in upcoming days but they occupy memory that will not be appeared in disk. It supports multiple users and allows creating various profiles for each user perfectly.


Advanced Host Monitor Pros:

  1. You can use existing schedules or try with your own schedules to monitoring your device.
  2. It is useful to trace the particular IP address of computer and web domains.
  3. Advanced Host Monitor can work at various profiles.
  4. Host monitor conducts different types of tests to improve the performance of system.
  5. This application develops number of monitoring strategies to detect problems of computer and solve them individually.

Advanced Host Monitor Cons:

1. The buttons may be difficult to handle for inexperience users.

Download The Software Below:

Advanced Host Monitor 9.90 Free Download

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