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Alcohol 120% CD/DVD Burning Software Review:

Alcohol 120% is a good DVD burner like the previous version Alcohol 25% but it works in a limited time. Alcohol 120% is the perfect DVD burning tool to coy the file like video, images and documents from the CD and DVD. The software tool kit of Alcohol is 1.25/10. Alcohol 120% can rips all files of CD and DVD to maintain the backup of CD and DVD when user run that external media. If user lost those external disks then the backup files exist in computer in Alcohol program. Alcohol rips the backup files up to 31 different virtual discs and this software also plays the Video/ Audio of that backup files without connection of external devices.

Interested people can download trail version of Alcohol 120% to test product in real time. The trail period of this application is 15 days but that trail version is limited to maintain backup i.e. backup can perform up to 6 virtual drives. User can convert those audio files into any other formats through Alcohol 120%. This software is more compatible with Windows XP and 7 so, XP users can download Alcohol 120% Windows 7 that will work perfectly in XP system. But the software can’t compatible to Windows 98 and other older versions of Windows. Alcohol 120 % is error free and virus free so, no other UN interrupted files will enter into computer through Alcohol. We need to check this application because archive files and backup files easy to attack by virus files. Users can create backup files to the CD which contains Games and can play those games.

New Things Implemented in Alcohol 1.25/10:

  1. Alcohol can fix the bugs.
  2. The previous version maintain duplicated drives so, that problem recovered in Alcohol 120%.
  3. All advanced features implemented in Alcohol 120%.

Alcohol 120% Pros:

Alcohol 120% is working perfectly for DVD in burning tool to copy image files along with CD drives.

Alcohol 120% Cons:

Alcohol 120% software can’t burn dual layer CD and DVD discs.

System Requirements: Windows XP Above

Download The Software Below:

Alcohol 120 Full Trial Free Download

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