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Apache open office Introduction:

Apache open office is a full collection of office applications such as word processor, database, spreadsheet, presentation, and graphics. Apache open office is a leading open-source Office software suite. This application is available in many languages and works on all common devices. Apache open office is a big competitor to Microsoft office. Apache open office cannot match the other products. It is a completely open development process means that anyone can report bugs, request new features, or enhance the software for better use. It is easy to understand and if you are already using another office software package instead of using “Apache Open Office” you will take open office straight away.

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The world wide native language community stated that Open Office is probably available and supported in your own language. It is the best of all other products that can be downloaded and used entirely free without any license fees. Open office is released under the LGPL license means you can use it for any domestic-purpose, commercial use, education and public administration. It is the replacement project of openoffice.org. Open document format (.Odf) is the default file format of the Apache Open Office program. It is also a programming language.

How to start Apache open Office:

The most common steps to start apache open office are:

  1. On windows side it is called start menu, and on Mac OS X side it is the application menu, On GNOME it is the application menu and On KDE it is named by the KDE logo
  2. When apache open office is installed on your computer, in most cases a menu entry for each component is added to your system menu.
  3. From an icon on the desktop or (on a Mac) the Launch pad

You can start Apache open office by double clicking on the filename of a document with an open document extension such as .odt, .ods, .odp in a file manager such as windows explorer, finder on the Mac, or nautilus on Linux.

Apache Open Office System Requirements:

  1. Operating System: Windows (EXE), Linux 64-bit (x86-64) (DEB), Linux 64-bit(x86-64) (RPM), Linux 32-bit(x86) (DEB), Linux 32-bit(x86) (RPM), OS X ( version>= 10.7) (DMG), OS X (version>= 10.6) (DMG)
  2. Hard Disk: 200MB free space required
  3. Processor:5 GHZ
  4. RAM: 1GB RAM required

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