Asus R753UW Laptop Drivers Available

Asus R753UW Laptop Driver

Asus R753UW Laptop Drivers Available

Featuring a two-tone look with metallic appearance, the Asus R753UW does not lack pace. The cover opts for anthracite decorated with a textured effect with concentric circles (Asus specificity) while the interior prefers a more classical tone silver-brushed. The finish is neat, along the same assembly if the plastic is dominant in the opening. Note his weight slightly below average should be less conspicuous when traveling. Intended for a fairly light multipurpose use, Asus R753UW is built around an i7 latest generation low consumption Core and 8 GB of RAM in DDR4 memory. This combination is tough enough for multitasking or to deal with all office tasks and multimedia type web browsing, Office pack, video playback and even slight editing.

Opposite, Asus R753UW dedicated graphics card GeForce GTX 960M in its GDDR5 version enough to satisfy amateur players. It offers enough responding to rotate all the titles in full HD, even if some adaptations on the level of detail should be carried out on the most demanding opus. The storage is not fortunate to have a dedicated SSD but can still count on a swift hard drive running at 7200 rev / min (against 5400 rev / min traditionally) supported by a 16GB SSD cache. In practice,Asus R753UW used to shave seconds off the start-up and shutdown the computer as well as launching programs used frequently. In addition, the ability of this solution is rather large with 1000 GB, leaving enough room to accommodate all its game library.

Asus R753UW chose equip its a simple TN panel with viewing angles and close to the average colorimetry. For a PC for a use other than the pure play is really regrettable. Asus R753UW with the connector that is very complete with the presence of a card reader, a DVD burner, two video outputs (HDMI 1.4, VGA) and four USB ports including one USB 3.0 and one USB 3.1 Type-C . It also features the latest generation of WiFi 802.11 AC module and Bluetooth 4.1 for accelerated wireless data exchange. we provide download link for Asus R753UW drivers, you can download R753U series drivers for windows 7 64bit, windows 8.1 64bit and windows 10 64bit.

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Asus R753UW Laptop Drivers Available


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