Avant Browser 2016 Build 2 Download For Windows PC

Avant Browser 2016 Build 2 Overview

Avant Browser is a free web-browser that uses the powerful rendering engine of Internet explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for faster browsing experience. Avant Browser 2016 Build 2 is the latest version released that has lots of improvements in its hood. It is free to Download and use on your Windows Operating system and supports almost all Windows Platform (Windows 8/10 OS latest).

Avant Browser is packed with three powerful rendering engines namely Trident, Gecko and Web-kit that represents the engines behind Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Chrome. The most amazing thing is that it lets you choose from the rendering engine make it as default and also lets you define the various rendering engines for each website. It offers support for download manager, online bookmarks, RSS reader, auto-fill forms and much more. The private browsing mode feature in Avant Browser helps you to browse over Internet anonymously.

Avant Browser 2016 Build 2

The intuitive Interface design of Avant Browser provides clarity and efficient browsing experience with frequent up-gradation makes it more reliable. The graphical user Interface has some buttons and options that allow you to customize the settings. You can hide the tabs, search and bookmarks, there are add-on buttons too. Additionally Avant Browser also lets you enable full screen view mode, zoom in and out, change the text size, slip view option etc. The keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures also provide best navigating experience on Avant Browser Interface.

Overall Avant Browser is a powerful browser that takes minimal space on Windows OS and less CPU consumption provides best performance. There are also other features to explore that provide best browsing experience with faster loading time.

Avant Browser 2016 Build 2 download Features

  • Freeware and a ultra-fast browser
  • Multi-processing design offers crash free browsing
  • Integrated Download manager
  • Private Browsing mode
  • Minimal usage of system resources
  • Flash animation filter options
  • Auto-fill forms
  • Ad-blocker and Pop-up blocker
  • Mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts

Download Avant Browser 2016 Build 2 Lite version that includes IE rendering engine  

Download Avant Browser 2016 Build 2 Ultimate version that includes IE, Firefox and Chrome rendering engine  

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