Avast Internet Security 2014 Review and Trial Download

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Avast Internet Security 2014 introduces new technologies so as to keep users fully protected from being affected by targeted attacks or emergent malware. Zero-day malware is also handled as its Silent Firewall and scam filters work constantly to provide active protection from hackers. SafeZone enables you to automatically open your favorite banking or shopping site, ensuring that your financial data and identity are kept fully secured from being hacked and this also includes your login credentials. If you wish to enjoy constant protection it’s time you download Avast Internet Security. When compared to the previous version, following are the recently added features –


Avast Internet Security 2014 features:

  • Stream Filtering: Compatibility and stability issues fixed; smooth and fast functioning; bid goodbye to browsing problems
  • ARA/ARC: Internal architecture improvements implemented
  • Firewall: The firewall has be more stable an to be relatively more compatible with other network applications
  • Improved Browser Cleanup: Browser protectors are detected and removed in an improved manner, apart from tools that block us from ridding ourselves from annoying toolbars
  • Improved GrimeFighter: 12 additional languages supported; advanced console ensures enhanced control of optimization tasks, thus keeping you fully equipped in going ahead and fighting the grime.
  • Your PC made a data fortress: You must be the only one who has access to your private data. Online hackers are successfully prevented from stealing personal data that is sensitive from your PC, thanks to the silent firewall. Faster decisions ensured with the new version which works excellent with Windows; fully supports IPv6.
  • Spam and Phishing scams kept at bay: Most of your spam includes malicious phishing links that are specifically built to have your PC and credit card data exploited. A phishing email such as this makes sure that you are properly convinced whether or not it is from a legitimate sender. Such nuisances are kept at bay by anti-spam technology filters out in order to save your time and keep you well protected from potential headache.
  • Shady files can run in an environment that is virus-free: In case you’re wondering whether or not the file just downloaded is safe, you can run it in a virtual environment  such as Sandbox, wherein even the most heavily infected files can be run safely. FileRep (file-reputation scanning) technology makes sure that you are kept safe all the while.
  • Avast! CommunityIQ is one of the fastest signature-based malware data sources in the world.
  • System requirements: Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • File size 121.35MB

Download The Software Below:

Avast Internet Security 2014 Review and Trial Download

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