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 Bitlord image,Torrent Downloader.BitLord is a free and open source and as-supported BitTorrent client using which you can download files from the web. This is a proprietary BitTorrent client for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.  It has a dominant built-in search engine which helps you to find everything without redirecting you to bad websites. Add RSS feeds from various torrent sites Bitlord to follow your favorite torrents. The files are presented before you to reduce your burden to search for them. It uses the libtorrent-rasterbar C++ library and has wonderful streaming abilities of the BitTorrent client using VLC built in.

Initially Bitlord was released in December 2004 and is licensed under BitComet. It features an integrated video player (VLC), audio and video streaming files, inbuilt torrent search engine,  security verification for torrents in the search engine, torrent RSS reader, “Tracker Adder” and Comment system. You can find several programs in the market, out of them only some of them have every feature expected by a typical user. BitLord is one such software which has all its features. This software is very easy to install and it runs on all Windows versions, along with XP, Windows 7 etc. It consumes nearly 40 MB of hard disk space according to the program’s features.

Advantages of Bitlord:

It manages torrents from every torrent website. In addition to that, it traits a web browser using which a user can browse directly to the torrent sites with the help of the interface of the program. Besides that it has huge customization options which deal with appearance and functionality. Along with them, torrents can be programmed to download at particular time.

Disadvantages include its numerous options which might seem to be confusing for the users who are using it for the first time.

Download The Software Below:

Bitlord Torrent Downloader Free Download

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