C-Organizer Professional – Personal Information Manager

C-Organizer Professional - Personal Information Manager

It is a powerful personal information manager which helps you to organize and plan your business and personal life. It is simple to use the applications like Planner, Task manager, Address Book, Password and Bookmark manager, Notebook, and Events Calendar which is combined into one application. Full data can be used in real-time over a network. Both you and your assistant can collect information at the same time.

It coordinates your information by using Google Calendar, Google Task sand Google Contacts. This feature also allows you to sync smart phones and other mobile devices with C-Organizer Professional through Google services.
It is also used you to synchronize your Appointments, Tasks, Contacts and Notes in C-Organizer with Pocket PC or Palm devices.

C-Organizer Professional is a fully portable and installable on any removable storage device for use on any computer, but it also supports various interface types and colour schemes.

Significantly to reduce time then spent on tracking daily tasks and attempts are done to distribute the workload uniformly by using the built-in planner to create a list of daily duties and appointments. With the help of “global” we can prepare To-Do lists, which can be used for one day. You can create any number of these lists and group records together in order to simplify your work.

You have to make use of the flexible repeat event settings for scheduling frequent tasks. C-Organizer Professional’s notification system will repeat you about upcoming deadlines, holidays, birthdays and other important dates. It is used you to be alerted by a special reminder displayed on your pc’s monitor or via email.

It is used to protect data which you store in C-Organizer Professional with a password and encrypt your data to prevent unauthorized access to personal information.

It is used to attach photographs to the Address Book which features a adaptable database structure. You can even add a new parameter (field) to the database structure yourself. For your convenience, an option is used to save various database structures as templates for further use has been added as a feature.

C-Organizer Professional has a flexible sorting system. In addition a variety of record import and export options, C-Organizer Professional automatically integrates with your computer’s default e-mail client and web browser.

There is an option to launch C-Organizer Professional on Windows startup and minimize it to the system tray. The current date will display on the application’s icon.

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