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Calibre,Calibre image,Calibre ebook.Calibre 2.22.0 E-book Management Application Review:

Calibre is a collection of e-books to manage those collections in a specified folder in different formats. You can convert those files into multiple format which format you want to convert that e-book files. Calibre should convert the files into any one of the format which files synchronize with system files. Calibre has more features all those listed in below. Calibre keeps all those files with tags, comments and file format to search that information of data easily. You can edit the e-books functions and features according to their required format. Editing identifiers are useful to modifying the e-book files data and their formats. Content server will connect to the e-book files with special extension that server will work when the device connected to the internet. No bugs will rise in Calibre new version. E-books maintain Meta data which useful to provide information like title and author of that e-book. If you delete some books in Calibre then those files maintain bookmarks for those books. So, those files shall useful to you for download those files in upcoming days. No need to search about those files.


You don’t want to save Calibre files in root drive or any one of the location in computer through fixing regression which avoids the saving files in root directories. HTML and XML schemas manage e-books in any one of the sorting order according to the OS of system.

Key features Calibre 2.22.0:

  1. Library management
  2. Format conversion
  3. E-book conversion into required/ synchronized format.
  4. Comprehensive Viewer to users for View E-books.

Download Calibre E-book For Windows

calibre works on Windows Vista, 7 and 8.

Download Calibre E-book For OS X

calibre works on OS X 10.7 (Lion) and higher

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