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Network Analyzer,Capsa Network Analyzer image,Capsa Network Analyzer screenshot.Capsa Network Analyzer Review:

Capsa Network Analyzer Free is a network analyzer tool to receive data packets from source and arrange those packets in specific order in readable format. Actually, Source send data packets in readable format but Capsa Network Analyzer encrypt those data files to restrict the network hackers. Those encrypted files will automatically decrypt at destination properly. Network users can use this software for Ethernet packet sniffer which capable to maintain troubleshoot, monitoring tools and network analysis. Capsa Network Analyzer solves network problems if problem may occur by virus files or UN authorized persons of network. Once you install this application in your network then it will work for 24/7 with latest monitoring techniques. Colasoft Capsa Network Analyzer has power tools for cryptography at the time of long distance communication. We can call that technique is in-depth packet decoding.

The major purpose of Capsa Network Analyzer is to reduce the downtime of network by reduction of UNwanted activities over a network. Network Analyzer is powerful tool to diagnose serious situations and identify solutions to those problems perfectly. To identify the network vulnerabilities, Capsa network analyzer have various techniques at developer’s site. Network administrator is responsible to identify problems and search related solutions to those problems. Once Administrators fix the problems and solutions, Capsa Network Analyzer will take care in next time.

Capsa Network Analyzer Recent Changes:

  1. You can improve analysis experience with Capsa Analyzer.
  2. Network efficiency increase automatically if you record every network activities.
  3. You may arrange alarms to identify network performance.
  4. It supports customization tools.
  5. It contains intuitive TCP timing sequence to maintain security to the network.
  6. Both domain and static based customization tool involves in this application.

Capsa Network Analyzer Highlights:

  • Network Traffic Monitoring
  • Advanced Protocol Analysis
  • In-depth Packet Decoding
  • Multiple Network Behavior Monitoring
  • Extensive Statistics of Each Host
  • Automatic Expert Network Diagnosis
  • Visualized Connections in Matrix
  • Powerful Conversation Analysis
  • Useful & Valuable Built-in Tools

File Size: 58.6 MB
License: Type Demo
Version: 7.8 (10/08/2014)
Requirements: Windows XP/2003/2008/Vista/7/8

Download The Software Below:

Capsa Network Analyzer Trial Download

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