Cyberfox Web Browser 32/64bit Free Download

Cyberfox Web Browser for Windows Overview:

Cyberfox is a Mozilla source code based Web browser designed by 8Pecxstudios for Windows 32 and 64bit version Operating system. Cyberfox is fast, stable and completely reliable browser that provides fast browsing as well as excellent navigation on the browser Interface. The latest edition of Cyberfox 44.01 runs both on Intel (32/64bit) as well as Amd (32/64bit beta) processors that will enhance the browsing experience.

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Cyberfox is based on Mozilla Firefox web browser which is one of the most popular and secure browser used worldwide. Cyberfox is considered to be an improved version of Firefox due to its similar features and a reliable navigator which uses the Windows 8 SDK. There are various customization options available that helps you to create bookmarks and personalize your web-browser with different attributes or themes. The layout of Cyberfox looks similar to that of Firefox browser but with default Australis UI or Classic UI available, you can switch over any UI for better looks. Some added options like a cache cleaner and a restart button is an big advantage.

Cyberfox Web Browser 44.01 version is mainly optimized for Intel based CPU architecture with 64bit systems that makes browsing fast over Internet. It is also built for 32bit systems so, you can chose both the versions available for Cyberfox on your Windows PC. It comes in a portable format where you can download and run on your USB device or any removable storage device easily. Overall Cyberfox is a well designed internet browser that runs best in 64bit Operating systems with lots of custom and navigate options.

Cyberfox Web Browser for Windows Features:

  • Based on Mozilla source code
  • Uses its own profile system
  • Supports Firefox extensions
  • Choose between Australis UI or Classic UI
  • Available for Intel based CPU and Amd CPU
  • Fast, reliable and mainly stabled browser
  • Runs great in 64bit versions

Cyberfox Web Browser for Windows System Requirements:

  • Windows 7/8/10 (32/64bit version)
  • Intel Pentium 4 processor and AMD 2400
  • 1GB+ RAM for 32bit OS and 4GB+ RAM for 64bit OS
  • 400MB hard disk space

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