Download AIM Instant Messenger for Windows

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AIM enables one to connect with family and friends in an instant and stay in touch with close buddies whenever you want. This application is user-friendly and can be comfortably used by novices to chat with their business partners or friends, as far as they have a Facebook account or AIM account.


AIM Key Features:

  • Firewall configuration made easy with AIM, while you need to look out in your settings manager for the Connection tab
  • Lifestream – a feature that lets you stay atop of what your AIM buddies are up to, thus enabling you to add many accounts like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
  • Buddy List Status message: A personal message can be broadcasted to your buddies, although you are available. All you need to do is to type your message in the field beneath your screen name atop your Buddy List
  • Quick Access Panel is a feature that enables you to gain a one-click access to your email, settings, buddy info and expressions, all this by just rolling over your screen name

Buddy Details option enables you to take action like sending a text message or calling their computer, sending an email, etc.

Download The Software Below:

Download AIM Instant Messenger for Windows

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