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screen shot Cool Edit Pro 2.1,image Cool Edit Pro 2.1,Cool Edit Pro.Cool Edit Pro 2.1 from Adobe is a superb audio editing software that is designed to address the needs of both amateur and professional musicians. With the acquisition of Syntrillium software by Adobe systems, Cool Edit Pro 2.1 in now better known as Adobe Audition. As far as installation of the audition software is concerned it does take a few minutes due to a large collection of effects stuffed in it. You can select the file formats that needed to be associated with Cool Edit Pro during installation. Although Cool Edit Pro 2.1 is engineered to render good music, the aesthetics are thought provoking.


Features of Cool Edit Pro 2.1 include cut, paste crop and ability to combine audio files for special effects. The audition software comes with in-built Directx support. It has the capability of mixing sixty-four tracks together. Cool Edit Pro 2.1 allows users to edit audio files as large as 2GB. Apart from supporting over twenty-five audio file formats, the software also allows users to transfer audio from a variety of sources. Some of the special effects that can be rendered using Cool Edit Pro 2.1 include 3D echo, multi-tap delay, noise filter, chorus, and many more. Cool Edit Pro’s ability to maintain quality of audio files is what makes it stand out of the crowd.

Cool Edit Pro 2.1 Tutorial

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Download Cool Edit Pro 2.1 Full Version Free

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