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Dexpot is a brilliant, free virtualization app designed for Windows PCs. Additional workspaces are created by Dexpot wherein you get to switch quickly between them.  For instance, you can keep listening to music on Desktop 1, while surfing the web on Desktop 2 and simultaneously handling your word processing on Desktop 3 and switching to play Solitaire on Desktop 4. For each desktop, various icons, start-ups, wallpapers and much more can be configured.

Dexpot 1.6 Key Features:

  • Up to 20 desktops can be created by Dexpot, thus making it appropriate for power users and those who multitask.
  • Features exceptional configuration options that ensure that each desktop is customized according to their liking.
  • It also enables one to tweak around with overall options, like controlling and visualizing desktop switches, besides forming rules for automated behaviors.
  • All windows of a single desktop can be displayed as tiles. Window catalog switches automatically to full-screen preview the moment you begin to drag a window, thus enabling you to move the window to the other desktop.
  • The way in which your display resolution is customized is a handy feature if you like to send a video from your PC to your TV without multiple output settings.

Download The Software Below:

Download Dexpot 1.6

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