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FTP Client Introduction

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FTP client is used to publish and maintain your website. Now it is so easy to upload and download all type of files with security guaranteed using FlashFXP. It also contains a feature to share files with your friends or your colleagues with minimum network requirements. FlashFXP – FTP Client for Windows is available in over twenty languages to comfort the users all over the world. It is so simple to use this FTP client service and anyone can master the application with in short period of time.


FTP Client Download and installation

The program can be downloaded so easily from the official website. Get the software from the website and install the app by following the self guiding instructions. Enjoy uploading and downloading files, publish your site and maintain it. It is a real boon for website owners.

FTP Client Features

Performance: it allows a user to perform high speed file transfer without any loss. One can download and upload files and speed limiters are also available. New innovation done in the application allows a user to send multiple files at a time.

Security: the files will be secured while uploading and downloading some of the transfers even needs passwords. New file transfer protocol is employed with some innovations which ensure more security.

Connectivity: If the FTP client loses connection with the website server while performing actions, it certainly irritates users. This FlashFXP – FTP Client for Windows maintains stable connection with the server with latest innovations in the connectivity. It is possessing active and passive mode transfers. It has firewall support, and also performs transfers from site to site.

Interface: it is provided with an interface that looks like windows operating system. With simple language navigation menu and tools, it allows users to drag and drop the files into the root folder directly. Important files can be highlighted and bookmarked for future use. It maintains history, to review downloads and updates.

Webmaster tools: files can be managed easily. Passwords and permissions can be denied based on the settings done by the user. It can upload files automatically once you save the files in the drive. IT gives several options to modify the file with the right click option. Files can be transferred on priority.


Along with all the facilities discussed above, it also allows you to resume your paused transfers automatically and transfer files irrespective of the size. One can say that this is the best service recommended for experienced users as well as beginners.




Windows FTP Client


4.4.4 build 2046

Release Date:



4.4 MB


$29.95 USD

Operating Systems:

Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Download The Software Below:

Download Free FTP Client Windows

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