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Stardock Multiplicity – Remote PC Access

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The Multiplicity is a software that enables a single keyboard and a single mouse to access multiple computers. The Multiplicity is not a remote desktop application but the control shifts from one system to other. The Stardock Multiplicity offers several functionalities to control different systems using a mouse and keyboard.

 Using the Stardock Multiplicity we can connect to remote PCs on the network, from a single system. The files can be shared by drag and drop method. We can even cut, copy and paste the files from one system to the other. It is capable of sharing the clipboard. Once the Stardock Multiplicity is installed and working, then all the kinds of alerts and messages can be obtained from a single computer system. Even if different systems have different passwords, they can be opened by the same single keyboard.

 Due to the extensive sharing between the systems by the Stardock Multiplicity, there might be some doubts about the security of network. It follows AES 256 encryption of all the data being transferred in the network.

 The user control can be shifted from on PC to other by using mouse, hot key and touch. The Stardock Multiplicity seems to be a power saver when working on the other computer, the computers that are not in use, tend to go into the sleep mode or dim the display. It even supports the latest networks like, wifi, LAN, WAN, etc…

 The installing process of the Stardock Multiplicity seems to very simple. If comes along with an AVG Security toolbar. It can be ignored during the installation if you are not interested in it. Everytime we access, we need to provide the password.


Easy to install, Wide usage


High Price, Some important functions are not present in the basic versions.

 Stardock Multiplicity Overview:

The Stardock Multiplicity is a highly recommended software for those who maintain multiple systems. If your feel that a specif version serves you a good purpose, go for it.

Download The Software Below:

Download Free Stardock Multiplicity

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