Download GeekUninstaller – Free Software Uninstaller


Download GeekUninstaller – Free Software Uninstaller

When you uninstall a program, temporary files and registry entries are often left behind. These not only take up space on your hard drive, they can also cause errors and instability over time, or create conflicts when you install a newer version of the same software. That’s where third-party uninstallers like GeekUninstaller come in, sweeping away every trace of unwanted apps.

GeekUninstaller is one of the smallest and lightest third-party uninstallers around, and works perfectly even on older PCs. It’s a portable app, so it doesn’t need to be installed – simply download it, unzip the file and you’re ready to go. You can even save the EXE file to a USB stick or a cloud storage service like DropBox or OneDrive, which is perfect if you’re trying to save as much space as possible on your PC.

Why You Need It

When you start GeekUninstaller, it immediately scans your PC for programs and presents them in a simple list. It’s much faster and more straightforward than most free uninstallers, which require you to start a scan manually, then take several minutes to complete it. This no-nonsense approach is GeekUninstaller’s main attraction – it’s quick, effective, and not padded out with unnecessary features.

Recently installed software is highlighted in pink, which is extremely useful if you’ve started having software problems lately and suspect that a new app is responsible. You can also choose to see only pre-installed Windows 10 apps, which is extremely helpful if there are some you never use.

Double-clicking a program will run its uninstaller, after which GeekUninstaller performs a deep scan for leftover files and registry entries. If the uninstaller fails, GeekUninstaller also includes a Force Removal option that looks for files and entries associated with the program and purges them manually. If you’re not sure whether to remove a certain app, right-clicking it gives you the option to Google it first to make sure it’s not important.

Key Features

  • Deep scanning for leftover files and registry entries
  • Portable – can be used from a USB stick
  • Force Removal for broken programs

Works on

Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10



Download The Software Below:

Download GeekUninstaller – Free Software Uninstaller


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