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Kaspersky internet security 2015 Description

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It is quite possible that the security of your PC and your valuable personal information is compromised with the increasing frequency of web-based activities such as social networking, online shopping and banking, although they are beneficial.  Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 is one such software that provides protection against all kinds of internet-based threats and malware as it is a powerful combination of easy-to-use web security technologies. It is powerful enough to keep you away from cybercriminals trying to steal your identity or your money. Kaspersky Lab offers hassle-free security with minimal impact on the performance of your PC, thus keeping all those precious data and files perfectly safe.

Some of Kaspersky internet security 2015 key features include – 

  • Real-time protection and defense against Internet threats and computer viruses
  • Safe Money technology that provides solid protection during online banking or shopping
  • Virtual Keyboard & Secure Keyboard technology provide identity protection
  • Anti-phishing tools keep web criminals away from stealing your personal data
  • Advanced Parental Control enables parents to keep their children safe online

Kaspersky internet security 2015 Software Details:

Not many changes have been made to Kaspersky 2015’s interface design. The mobile-style drawer is back, this time revealing extra tools such as parental controls, application controls and network monitoring.

Gone are all those flap-like carousel buttons and extraneous arrows all of which have been consolidated into a single-drawer button, similar to Windows 8, thus presenting an uncluttered look?

 An approachable overhaul has been given to the menus and settings; for instance, the Protection Center appears less archaic as its older checkboxes and radio buttons are now replaced with a modern toggle setting for every security function.

The Application Control Center is a new introduction in this version, which is a hybrid between a task manager and a system monitor. This makes it easier for the user to monitor and control the way in which applications and process run, thus reducing the load on your memory usage and CPU. At first sight, it appears like a rebranded task manager, but it actually indicates another level of reliability.

Kaspersky internet security 2015 Review:

With an interface optimized for Windows 8, the main screen of this version features a large computer icon that has several large button icons underneath it. Protection is indicated by a checkmark on the computer icon and this icon can be clicked for details anytime if you’d like to know about any security issues. Its protection capabilities are as impressive as is its brilliant all-around protection, user-friendly interface and small footprint, all of which make Kaspersky a perfect tool for both beginners and advanced users. So if you’d like to join the bandwagon of its faithful customers, all you need to do is to read a Kaspersky internet security 2015 review and download the software.

Download The Software Below:

Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 Trial and Review

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