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MailWasher Free 7.3.0 is one of the top spam filtering products available in the market. MailWasher offers an easy way to manage your emails and filter spams before downloading emails. The software’s preview feature enables you to view the message without having to open it. The anti-spam features of MailWasher Free 7.3.0 include the Friends list and Filtering feature that enables users to ward off undesired emails. When it comes to downloading emails MailWasher performs it with high speeds of up to 25 mails per second. The user interface of the software is simple and straight in such a manner that even a novice can quickly learn and start using it.


MailWasher also allows users to set different times to check mail as desired. The software can play sounds to notify arrivals of new mails. Apart from email log, MailWasher Free also has a complete help guide that provides users with useful information about the product. MailWasher Free 7.3.0 user reviews show that the product is an excellent choice that comes with ability to integrate multiple user accounts. Free download of MailWasher is available to all users at various sources. In short MailWasher is amazing email management software that is highly useful for beginners and professionals.

Download The Software Below:

Download MailWasher Free 7.3.0

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