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McAfee All Access Description:

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McAfee all access provide single license to access more devices at a time like Pc, Mac, Smartphone’s and tablets which are connecting in one network. McAfee software has simple program files to provide best security to the devices in a network.

McAfee All Access Overview:

McAfee all access gives one solution for different type of problems. It provides security to the devices by managing passwords. McAfee supported following browsers, Internet explorer, Firefox, chrome and safari. McAfee can manage different type of account passwords by managing unique entities for each account.

McAfee worked as antivirus, antispyware, anti-phishing, vulnerable scanner, locking mobile devices, protecting the data in Pc or Mobile, providing protection to the PC from unsecured files at the time of internet browsing, blocker(to block the program which are unwanted), Managing passwords, Uninstalling programs and etc. Actually Mac operating system is free for virus files but the user need to install any one of the anti-virus to detect virus files. McAfee is the best anti-virus product works in Mac Operating system. After completion of successful McAfee installation, Full scan automatically start. All McAfee products available in the market with free of cost Trial Versions. McAfee products not only protect the Mac family but also Mac internet security. McAfee can handle software updates when updates available in device. McAfee worked like other anti-virus products like Comodo and Kaspersky. But the major difference is, McAfee provide single license to access number of devices.


1. McAfee installation is simple and no takes time to install.

2. McAfee scans total PC with in limited time.

3. It provides security by hide the information of device.

4. It is pre scanning process.

5. No need to buy license for individual devices. Single software works on each device.

6. McAfee is cost effective process to protect the devices from hackers and un secured programs.


1. McAfee all access works effectively for Mac (desktop or Mac book), Smartphone (Android, Blackberry) and Android Tablet. But not works perfectly for iPhone. It is the major drawback of McAfee all access.

2. McAfee can delete backup files without give intimation to the user.

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Download McAfee All Access Trial Version


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