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Often it is difficult to track down processes running in the windows operating system using Windows Task Manager tool. Microsoft Process explorer on the other hand makes it easy for naïve users to find what exactly they are looking for. Microsoft Process explorer is a freeware that has the capability of displaying all the processes that are running in an easy to track manner. Apart from displaying the details in a tree format, Microsoft Process explorer also provides all necessary details including names icons, description and images among others.

When it comes to tracking a spyware, Microsoft Process explorer aids users to quickly learn the details of the running program using Google. The latest version of Microsoft Process explorer has good many features that enables users to monitor each and every one of the processes running in the system. Other noteworthy features include information on performance of the system, DLLs, TCP/IP connections, security and many more. Reviews on Microsoft Process explorer reveal the usefulness of the product. Plethora of websites including the official of Microsoft offers Microsoft Process explorer download.

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Download Microsoft Process Explorer

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