Download Now – Realtek ALC Audio Driver

 Realtek ALC Audio Driver

Download Now – Realtek ALC Audio Driver

Intel has announced the availability of a new Realtek ALC Audio driver compatible with several of its NUC kits, namely version, which enables the devices’ front and rear panel audio jacks.
In terms of supported products, the present build is suitable for Intel’s D54250WYK(H), D34010WYK(H), DE3815TYKHE, and DN2820FYKH NUC kits, as well as for its NUC5i5RY(K/H), NUC5i3RY(K/H), NUC6i3SY(K/H), and NUC6i5SY(K/H) devices.

Moreover, this driver is also compatible with the producer’s NUC5CPYH, NUC5i7RYH, NUC5PPYH, NUC5PGYH, NUC6i7KYK, NUC5i3MYHE, and NUC5i5MYHE next unit computing kits.

As for valid OSes, the release is to be applied on the NUCs mentioned above that are running one of Microsoft’s Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 platforms (either 32- or 64-bit variants), or a Windows Server 2008 R2 or 2012 R2 operating system.

Considering these aspects, if you want to apply this update, first make sure your device model is supported, save and unzip the downloadable archive, locate and run the setup file, and follow all instructions displayed on the screen.

In addition to that, once completed, it would be a good idea to perform a system reboot to allow all changes to take effect properly.

Download The Software Below:

Download Now – Realtek ALC Audio Driver


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