Download Sigma Software v.2.19.02

 Sigma Software v.2.19.02

Download Sigma Software v.2.19.02

Qcom tab:

Released Unlock for the newest group of Alcatel models:
OT-5051 / One Touch POP 4
OT-5056 / OneTouch Pop 4+
OT-5098 / 5098S / One Touch PIXI 4
OT-6055 / IDOL 4
OT-6055 / 6055A
OT-6070 / OneTouch Idol 4S
OT-7044 / One Touch POP 2 (5) Premium
T-9001 / 9001D / One Touch Pixi 4 6.0
T-9001 / 9001I
OT-9001 / 9001X
OT-9006 / 9006W / OneTouch Pixi 7
OT-9007 / 9007T / One Touch Pixi 3 (7)
OT-9007 / 9007X (for EE)
OT-9015 / 9015B / One Touch POP 7
OT-9015 / 9015W
T-9030 / 9030G
OT-9030 / 9030Q
OT-A621R One Touch POP 3 (5.5)
OT-M823F / M823
OT-V900 / VFD 900 / One Touch Idol 4S
OT-VF1397 / Vodafone Tab Speed 6
OT-VF1400 / Vodafone Tab Prime 7
OT-VF1497 / VF-1497 / Tab Prime 6
The solution is currently in a “test mode” status, we are waiting for your logs and feedbacks.
How to connect: on Qcom tab, select model in the right “Phone model” drop-down list. Then:
Power off the phone
Connect your phone to PC with USB cable
Wait while the diagnostic port appears
Note that newest Alcatel models now require manual model selection.
New Qcom-based models added to the list of supported:
Motorola XT1095
Huawei Y340-U081
Android ADB tab:

New MTK models in the list:
Bitel B8410 (MT6572)
HTC Desire 820G dual sim (MT6592)
OPPO 1201 (MT6582)
Own Fun + (MT6580)

Download The Software Below:

Download Sigma Software v.2.19.02

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