Download SpeedCommander 15 File Manager software

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SpeedCommander is a file manager wherein files and folders are displayed using the two-pane layout that is tried and tested. In other words, both the source and target of a particular file operation will remain visible always, thus increasing productivity when compared to Windows Explorer. The navigation speed through folders is enhanced greatly, besides archives and FTP servers. A wide variety of archive formats are directly supported by SpeedCommander, which means that 13 most common archive formats can be unpacked and created.

SpeedCommander 15 Key Features:

  • Higher productivity ensured in comparison with Windows Explorer
  • Swift navigation through folders, files and FTP sites
  • Direct support offered for various archive formats, besides having them compressed and decompressed, eliminating the need for further software
  • Add-In interface ensures usage of additional plugins, thus augmenting the original functionality
  • Thanks to the split view, the program has a familiar interface and enables you to navigate with relative ease within your files and folders
  • A multi-rename tool can also be used to wipe away folders or compress them to various formats
  • Also enables you to copy or format a disk, connect to FTP, map a network drive, use a built-in web browser, apart from customize the interface

Download The Software Below:

Download SpeedCommander 15 File Manager software

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