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Developed predominantly for Star Trail Photography, StarStaX is a fast multi-platform software that is ideal for image stacking and blending. It allows a series of photos to be merged into one single image that resembles that of star trails created from the relative star motions.

Apart from just star trails, the software can also be used for tasks related to general image blending like synthetic exposure enlargement or noise reduction. Its advanced features like interactive gap-filling can end up in awesome looking time-lapse videos, resulting from an image sequence from the blending process. In other words, its sole purpose is to have a series of photos consisting of stars to be merged together to create sequential images that resemble a star trail, besides also being used as a tool for general editing tasks.


It is worth mentioning that this does not leave any trace in the Windows Registry, considering the fact that it is a portable program. It can be taken on any device such as a USB flash drive and carried with you so that the photo blending process happens like a breeze, without going through the installation steps.

StarStaX features candid interface, wherein images can be uploaded into the working environment by means of the “drag and drop” option or the built-in browse function. The formats that are supported by this tool include – JPG, BMP, PNG and TIFF. Besides this, you also get to focus better on your work by switching to full screen mode in which the images can be zoomed in and out to be previewed or the dark frames removed automatically, especially images taken through a closed shutter.

A wide variety of blending modes are featured by StarStaX including darken, lighten, subtract, multiply, gap filling, etc., thus enabling the possibility to have the picture saved in similar file formats like that of the input ones. The small gaps in the star trials are eliminated by the gap filling mode. If you wish to have a video created by offering details such as the name, saving directory and output format, after the processing of each frame, the images can be saved by the utility.

Testing results have also shown that a task is carried out quickly and efficiently by StarStaX, thus providing excellent output results without exposing any errors all through the entire process. The overall PC performance is not affected that much not much of the memory and CPU are consumed.

Download StarStaX Windows(32-bit OS)

Download StarStaX Windows(64-bit OS)

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