Download Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker

Download Windows Movie Maker

Good quality free video editing suites are hard to come by, and although Microsoft has yet to release a version specifically for Windows 10, Windows Movie Maker remains one of the best tools around for assembling and refining your own movies
Windows Movie Maker can be downloaded as part of the Windows Essentials suite. While running the installer, select ‘Choose the programs you want to install’, then only check ‘Windows Live Photo Gallery and Movie Maker’ (some of the other apps aren’t fully compatible with Windows 10).

The installer should pick up the correct language settings from your operating system, but if not, type langselector into the Windows search bar once he program is installed, run the command and select the correct language from the drop-down list.

Why You Need It

Windows Move Maker’s drag-and-drop interface makes importing video clips, still photos and audio files simplicity itself. You can also record footage directly from a webcam, record narration and take screen grabs to incorporate into your project without any additional software.

Videos can be stabilized or rotated with a single click, and connected using various transitions and wipes. Trimming videos is a simple matter of pausing the video and pressing I to set the start point, or O to set the end point.

Audio and video can be edited independently and unlike many video editors, Windows Movie Maker doesn’t require you to split the file into two channels then ensure they sync. Instead, it handles the task automatically, ensuring music and narration play in time with your clips and stills.

Movie Maker’s built-in export tools let you publish your finished video directly to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or Flickr. There are also export presets for a wide range of playback devices and other sites, including DailyMotion and Blip.TV.

The previous version of Windows Movie Maker also supports plug-ins for effects including sharpening and picture-in-picture video. Note that this edition can only be run in Windows 10 by right-clicking the downloaded installer and selecting ‘Troubleshoot compatibility’.

Key features

Simple drag-and-drop interface
Automatic audio syncing
Filters and transitions
One-click publishing

Works on

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10


Download The Software Below:

Download Windows Movie Maker


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