Download ZoneAlarm 2015 Extreme Security and Review

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When speaking of potent antivirus software, ZoneAlarm is undoubtedly one the best antivirus suits for the system available in the market, today. The ZoneAlarm firewall protects the system from most of the viruses, rootkits, Trojans, worms and many other malware programs in the internet.


ZoneAlarm 2015 Extreme Security Review

The new ZoneAlarm 2015 Extreme Security stands as a rock-solid defense with the ultramodern security features packed in. The Advanced Real-Time antivirus protection offers the user, an enhanced protective shield with a cloud database collection of ever updating virus signatures. This helps the system know and identify new kind of viruses. ZoneAlarm Extreme security offers the new cloud based Sandboxing technology. Sandboxing is a technology where the files that seem to pose a threat to the system are tested in isolated memory storage so as to avoid it’s affect on the system data. In ZoneAlarm, the cloud based sandboxing opens the download, email attachments and any other files from the internet in a cloud environment which makes the system main data one hundred percent secure. The new Enhanced Browser Protection feature in the ZoneAlarm 2015 notifies the user about malicious and any other harmful data the user tries to access using the web browser.

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The exclusive ZoneAlarm 2015 Find My Laptop addition to the Extreme Security suit makes it stand out from the rest of the antivirus software. It enables the user to find a stolen or a misplaced laptop on which the Zone Alarm Extreme Security 2015 is installed. It can help the user lock down the system thereby, not allowing anyone else to access the data in it. It gives the location of the laptop on the map with an accuracy of 30 feet. It allows the user to send a message to the finder. The user can access the webcam of the stolen laptop and click a picture. It even allows the user to take a screenshot of the system. It even allows the user to retrieve and backup the files. All this features are available through the web portal that will be provided with the antivirus. Once the laptop is connected to a WiFi, all the operates forenamed can be used. Through ZoneAlarm you can optimize the performance of the system by the utilities provided in improvised PC Tune-up. The improvised Anti-Keylogger keeps the user’s key strokes safe from the keyloggers (Software that tract the key strokes which can expose the passwords being typed). The two way Firewall not only helps the user system from the foreign viruses but it also blocks the system programs entering into the internet. The new Privacy and Security toolbar can help you surf in incognito mode and can let the user maintain his secrecy. The Facebook privacy tool notifies the user regarding the content being shared on Facebook. The Identity protection helps to keep the user’s identity in check i.e not letting anyone else use the user’s id. There is not much improvement in when it comes to Parental Control. The user can restrict the access to any specific websites and can even limit the time spent online.

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ZoneAlarm 2015 Extreme Security Overview

The new ZoneAlarm Extreme Security suite is very easy to install and offers the user, a wide range of new features like Cloud based Sandboxing, Find My Laptop, Threat Emulation and Advanced Real-Time Antivirus which makes it one of it’s kind. It does not stress the system due to its running like many other antivirus software. ZoneAlarm requires a good internet connection as many of its interesting features are cloud based and not to forget that the Extreme Security edition is not cheap. Nevertheless, if you are looking for an ultra level security services, go for it. It’s definitely worth for it.

Operating Systems for ZoneAlarm Extreme Security suite:

Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8, Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows Vista (64 bit), Windows XP

Download The Software Below:

Download ZoneAlarm 2015 Extreme Security and Review

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