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EasyPHP is a complete Local WAMP Server software package using which you can make use of PHP’s flexibility and power. At the same time, it helps you to use databases very efficiently. Package comprises a MySQL database; an Apache server, a full PHP execution, and also simple development tools like debugger Xdebug, PhpMyAdmin, etc for your applications and web site.

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Using the administration page, you can list the docroot, extensions, error reporting, upload max filesize, manage modules, change the Apache port, the timezone, add/remove alias and max execution time.

EasyPHP is a great development environment for PHP developers. It has numerous development tools and several handy features like an Apache server and a MySQL database.

Are you very scared of PHP coding; the EasyPHP is wonderful tool for you. However for coders who are well experienced, it will act as a great time-saver. It has fairly intuitive interface which doesn’t take much time to learn the features of EasyPHP

As soon the server is installed and launched, the server can be used. It would be very easy for you to import your databases through PHPMyadmin interface. You can install EasyPHP on a local drive or on removable media like flash drive, which is portable and carry it with you anywhere.

This package has several applications such as Apache, Xdebug, MySQL, and PHPMyadmin with PHP and also some helpful development tools, to build a standalone installation. To accept plugin modules, it is pre-configured to expand its functionality and support content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Spip, Drupal and phpBB.

It is very good tool for local testing. EasyPHP doesn’t offer production environment. One of the major disadvantages of it is, comparatively weak help system. It is very difficult to find a solution to a problem if you come across a bug or can’t work out how to achieve something. You can find a keen help forum for EasyPHP to help its users by providing qualified assistance but it is a bit time consuming process.

This version supports:
PHP 5.4.x / 5.3.x / 5.2.x VC9
This version includes:
Apache 2.4.7 VC9 | MySQL 5.6.15 | PhpMyAdmin
Xdebug | Modules | Components

System Requirements For EasyPHP:

Windows XP to Windows 8

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