EMU8086 Microprocessor Emulator Free Download

EMU8086 4.08 is 8086 (AMD and Intel compatible) microprocessor and integrated assembler emulator. Similar to real microprocessor, it can run programs in step-by-step mode. The emulator displays flags, registers, variables, memory and stack. By just giving a double click, you can edit and investigate memory values. You can execute the instructions forward and back.

EMU8086 image,Microprocessor Emulator,integrated 8086 assembler.

EMU8086 creates small operating system and copies its binary code to a bootable floppy disk. The software package comprises numerous external virtual devices such as led display, traffic lights intersection, robot and Stepper Motor. You can also create additional devices using EMU8086.

Every device is ready to modify and clone (source code is present). All the communications between the microprocessor and the devices is from this file: c:\emu8086.io, to emulate in/out instructions it’s just need to change respective bytes in the binary file. Features 8086 emulator are stack, memory, disassembler, screen and flags. When you give a double click on memory viewer or register it opens an extended viewer.

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