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Freegate is one of the well-known circumvention proxy software used to bypass the stringent measures that restrict free internet access in China. Although the Chinese government provides various reasons for resting internet access within its territory, the modern world where freedom is hailed as supreme complete access to internet is vital. Freegate 7.37 enables users to browse the internet without having to reveal any identity while completely bypassing the firewall implemented by the Chinese government. Freegate 7.37 is free to download and anyone willing to browse the internet with anonymity in China can utilize the software to do so.


The Freegate software can be downloaded from any of the websites offering free software downloads. The beauty of the Freegate is that it requires no installation. In fact Freegate is a single exe file that enables you to instantly browse the internet via proxy servers that go undetected even by the powerful monitoring mechanism of the Chinese government. Tourist and students in China have provided excellent reviews on Freegate. Most of the reviewers have stated that the free software is really a boon to those that wish to exercise their freedom in China. If you are planning to visit any of the oriental countries that impose restrictions on browsing, Freegate 7.37 is the choice to circumvent the monitoring systems and go undetected.

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Freegate Free Download

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