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In the social networking arena, facebook has become a favorite for many. fTalk Facebook chat app for desktop makes it much easier to ardent lovers of the social networking site. According users the fTalk app is much faster and more accessible than the website’s inbuilt chat system. fTalk also enables users to find out who is online without having to sign into facebook account. The software also enables you to update your status right from app. One other feature admired by the users of fTalk app is availability of cool emoticons. If you are lover of facebook then you will surely enjoy the capabilities of fTalk.


fTalk is a free to download desktop app than can be installed in a jiffy. Once installed, the speed and convenience of updating the facebook page is unbeatable. The fTalk chat software design is similar to that of the facebook theme making users feel at home while using the software. Installing and using of fTalk is as easy as pie, thanks to the intuitive design of the app. fTalk makes facebook chatting a pleasant experience to the users. User reviews on fTalk reveal that the app is truly a commendable one. Users have also rated the software high for its overwhelming performance.

        fTalk Features:

  • Faster and more accessible than Facebook chat
  • No need to open Facebook
  • Get notified when friends come online
  • Update your status right from the app
  • Free and easy to use
  • Cool emoticons

Download The Software Below:

fTalk – Facebook chat App

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