GPass 4.1.0 Privacy Web Surfing Free Download

GPass prevents the track programs in network and internet with simple and effective programs. You can hide your IP address of devices with simple encryption techniques. It is very useful to the people who work in online regularly. Gpass is best software for network users to hide IP of device in network to avoid risks and attacks which dangerous to the device files, programs and networks. Anyone can avoid the un secured programs easily but those techniques. You can bypass your network with GPass communication features. It combines with third party app’s to provide more benefits to the users.

GPass image,anonymous Web Surfing.

If you unlike the regular software installation, configurations then start with GPass that provide complete analysis of your device security regularly. It is best app for users who need privacy from internet. GPS definitely left unwanted and unsecured traces for you. GPass app improves proper security to your devices. ALmost, more applications design for similar task but among the application GPass 4.1.0 offer best privacy tools. Each feature of GPass complete task quickly and effectively.

GPass Features:

  1. Install proper stream techniques for audio, video, E-mails, message app, download managers and etc.
  2. Excellent support files for Skype and Tor.
  3. GPass encrypt each thing of web browser data, programs to check status of them before download or access by the users.
  4. It runs without need installation.
  5. Support multiple languages along with graphics tools those useful for good understand to the users.
  6. It hides IP of device only the device enable online.
  7. Each browsing involve with encryption and filters.


  1. Best configuration settings install automatically.
  2. It deletes browse history.


  1. Systems may be slow down irregularly.

GPass Configuration Features:

Availability: Freeware

Supported OS: Windows (all)

File size: 1.5 MB

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