GTunnel – Free Web Proxy Software

GTunnel is secured service to the internet users to avoid the unsecured programs from online. You are able to maintain GTunnel app for particular internet browser or set of web browsers and etc. The final destination is same for each feature of GTunnel i.e. protection. A hidden program always identifies by this app and removes them automatically. It maintains native filters to identify the type of network files, web browser files and etc. GTunnel completely Windows application that design and develop by the Garden Networks with proper HTTP setup for maintain proper secure services in internet. If you start work with GTunnel then you should setup that for web browser or other Internet applications to maintain privacy to your device memory files. Thousands of encryption algorithms work in GTunnel to check the websites, web pages if you are in web browsing.

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GTunnel features:

  1. Effective interface: GTunnel design with good interface for two languages those names are English and Chinese.
  2. Automatic Configuration: Intelligent tools install this application in your devices automatically.
  3. Block: Unsecured web pages automatically blocked by the Pop-Up programs of GTunnel.
  4. Flexible services: It supports multiple modes of transfer for maintain Peer to Peer connection in networking. It directly connect to the server so, no traffic reach you at any time. It’s helpful to complete your work quickly.

5. Filters: plenty of filters design to check the input and output data in transactions and intimate the dangerous programs to the users or delete those programs without intimate to the users based on application settings.

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