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Hamachi Overview:

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Hamachi is an application which creates and manages the virtual private network (VPN) among multiple remote computers. You can replicate a fully encrypted and secure local network, which are useful for games. This is the best tool to create a virtual private network. This software produces a real local area network among the remote computers to share the files and play network games. It is a very easy to use tool and even less experienced peoples can also use this tool.

Hamachi provides easy way to access the servers, firewalls and routers that create connections between the computers. The most important thing is that your connection will be secure. Hamachi is used for connecting two computers via internet by creating a virtual private network. It connects several devices and networks securely by expanding LAN-like networks connectivity to the mobile users. Hamachi provides you luxury of creating on demand secure virtual networks easily. The installation of Hamachi takes few seconds.

It has a simple user-friendly interface. It allows you secure remote access to your network. It does not require additional configuration and starts working on existing firewall on your system. Hamachi gives you a new IP address that allows you to join or create a network over the internet. It creates a virtual mesh topology network faster which allows the devices to connect with each other. It allows you to configure the settings for individual networks and clients. It is simple, secure and cost-effective.


LAN over the Internet: Form multiple computers into their own secure network, just connected by a physical cable.

Files and Network Drives: Access critical files and network drives

Zero-configuration: It does not require additional configuration

Security: Industry leading encryption and authentication

Cost Effective: Free of cost

Features of Hamachi:

  • It has a simple user-friendly interface
  • Well documented
  • Easy installation
  • Does not require additional configuration
  • Highly secured
  • Virtual handling of networks
  • Gateway virtual networking
  • Mesh networking

Hamachi System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, windows 7 and 8

Processor: 1GH Pentium

Memory (RAM): 512 MB of RAM

Hard Disk Space: 500 MB of free space required

Download The Software Below:

Hamachi Free Download Latest Version For Windows PC

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