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IncrediMail is the ideal tool for those who love their email messages brightened up with colorful backgrounds, animation effects, emoticons and other features. Its primary focus is not on the functionality aspect but rather on the appearance of emails. You are provided with all kinds of elements that make your messages unique and fun in terms of exciting backgrounds, sound effects, animations and emoticons galore.

IncrediMail -Email Program Key Features:

  • IncrediMail Can easily be set up along with popular email services including Hotmail, Gmail, AOL Mail, Yahoo! Mail, etc.
  • Features advanced filters to search your mail effectively, besides featuring the relative ease with which messages can be easily sorted in folders
  • Special effects are not just restricted to email, but also to others. For instance, you can hear the typical sound of a typewriter while composing a message and an animated 3D character notifies you once you a new mail. Like this, there are numerous features and effects to choose from
  • Extensive choice of images, sounds and animations
  • Animated 3D effects make your emails all the more exciting
  • Emails from various accounts can be effectively managed
  • User-friendly and attractive design makes browsing via emails a breeze and more productive

Download The Software Below:

IncrediMail Email Program Free Download

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