IP MESSENGER ver2.11 – Best lan Chat Software

Ipmessenger is a great network tool which allows chat in local network,  Network other people using same tool.IP Messenger is a cool application to send your text message to thousands of computers at the click of a button. It using  ip address of the computer, we can send files & Folders through this tool, its  shows Ip address & user name in chat box.If you own thousands of IPs, you can send messages to thousands of computers. This product is only designed for use within your IP scope allocated  to your corporation.So if you are looking for a chat software which works on lan.
*Its  Multi Platform tool( Windows, MacOS X and Unix ).
* Open source and Free download.
* Messenger Allows File and Folder transfer along the network.
* Supports Broadcast Messages to a range of IP address.
* You can lock your message with a password when its sent to other user.
* You can even set your status.
* Supports NIC extension in the latest version.
* Messages can be logged in case you accidentally close the message box.
* Shows the Ip address, login user, machine name of the other users.



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