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Speaking of software, serving a specific purpose and being in the line of work, right from the beginning is well known to be effective. Few may lose its image or its performance through course of time, but there are certainly few which still hold up to their level.    IrfanView is certainly one of them. IrfanView is a free windows based graphic viewer. Be it anything, pictures, vector graphics or any other image/icon like cur, bmp, jpg and over a hundred similar formats.

 Irfanview not only acts as a fine graphic viewer but also a painter with its paint options like drawing circles, lines, etc. IrfanView supports Multilanguage. It supports over 23 wide spoken languages in the world.

 Not only the images and graphics can be edited in it, but also the IrfanView itself. The IrfanView toolbar has got its own set of skins. What makes the IrfanView amazing is that, the Photoshop filters are compatible. Yes, you’ve heard it right! The Adobe Photoshop filters can be directly used in the IrfanView for editing the image. Even the images in the IrfanView can be directly edited like cut, copy or crop. One common problem that most of the users face while editing a picture is while rotating it. Images tend to loose pixel depth and quality during rotation. IrfanView promises the user a lossless quality rotation. Batch conversion (Couple jobs set for execution without intervention of the user during the process) is one of the noticeable features. It even includes batch scan. All the images or graphics can be seen in form of a slideshow with later can be saved as .exe(executable) file. A multimedia player is embedded within the IrfanView. Movie clips, audio files of different formats like MP3, AIF, MID, WAV, AVI, WMV, WMA and many more.

 We often come across files and software in which we love the icons being used. With IrfanView, the icons and images from the .exe, .dll files can be extracted. For private use, IrfanView is absolutely free. But if it for a commercial purpose, one will have to buy it. The best part is that the IrfanView offers discounts based on then order put up by the buyer. Irfan iew accepts donations. Users can send donations to IrfanView.


Extreme performance deliver

Good search option

Batch Processing



User interface can be made better.

IrfanView Overview:

IrfanView is one of the finest graphic viewers for the windows operating system. It’s performance makes it one of the best. IrfanView being a freeware for noncommercial purposes, it can definitely be labeled as‘Must have’ software.

Download The Software Below:

IrfanView Free Download For Windows


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