McAfee Total Protection Latest Edition Trial Download

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McAfee is global security developed by American company. McAfee is purely security software. It provides safe searching and security reports for each application. McAfee total protection give best options to online shopping, searching products and etc applications which need security.


McAfee Total Protection Features:

1. Safe Searching: McAfee give information about social networking sites before you will open those sites. It has color coding program to identify secure sites and to inform to the user when user ready to open particular sites.

2. Digital Messages: User can get information about blocked IP address like location, weather and etc.

3. Security Reports: McAfee internet protection software gives the security reports in images, snapshots and more formats which reports are easy to understand to the people.

4. Blocking Spam/ Unwanted E-Mail: It is new technology to avoid unwanted mails. Those E-mails may have malicious and cause infect to other files in PC or Mobile. Due to this technology people can block those unwanted E-Mails.

5. Stop Hackers: McAfee provides wireless network protection and wired network protection.

Wireless network protection done by keep Wi-Fi usernames and password in secure files. Wired network protection is also called as Anti-phishing software. This software can identify network thief and blocking them. Almost no attackers come into network. McAfee restrict attackers by using this software.

6. Social Network Protection: If you want to share your PC files to your friends in Network then McAfee helps to you to share URLs safely. Malicious files can’t interrupt the sharing files through McAfee because McAfee creates new tool to send requested files in secure network. The mechanism in McAfee is called as URL shortener.

Virus Removal Tools in McAfee Total Protection:

McAfee handles the viruses like Sasser, Bagle, Zafi, Mydoom, Klez, Bugbear, and Lovsan/Blaster. These virus files can remove by McAfee internet protection software. The software has separate programs to each virus. The removal tools of McAfee are McAfee Stinger, Klez removal tool and Bugbear removal tool.

Conclusion: McAfee can detect virus files, malwares and threads in network continuously. It is new technology in McAfee. It provides security to personal files in PC and Mobile. No network attacks happen to PC through McAfee Network protection tools.

Download The Software Below:

McAfee Total Protection Latest Edition Trial Download

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