Microsoft 90 Day Free Trial Download for Windows 10 Enterprise Edition

Microsoft 90-Day Free Trial for Windows 10 Enterprise Edition Overview:

Microsoft offers to download the free trial for Windows 10 Enterprise edition that can be used for 90 days only. If you are using Windows 7 edition or 8.1 OS then Windows 10 Enterprise Edition can easily be upgraded to your system free for 90 day or can be installed on a virtual machine. Windows 10 Enterprise Edition is mainly designed for the business and IT professional users for better productivity. Microsoft 90 day trial edition of Windows 10 Enterprise edition features are similar to Windows 10 Home and Pro edition, with a user-friendly interface and a new web-browser and many more.

About Windows 10 Enterprise Edition:

Windows 10 Enterprise Edition 90 day trial has lots of new features and improvements under its hood. Its user-friendly interface with the return of traditional start menu program from Windows 7 OS gives the users a huge benefit to perform simple tasks on a system. A Snap-assist feature lets you access the programs by snapping the favorite program to the four corners of the computer screen. Multiple-desktops option displays the running program as well as thumbnails programs of other desktops on a single screen. There are lots of improvements in Windows updates that tends to determine and control which patches are installed and the frequency of installation. In addition a Bit-locker drive encryption secures your identity and data from being misused or from phishing attacks.

Windows 10 Enterprise edition image, Windows 10 enterprise screenshot

Windows 10 Enterprise Edition also comes with some new features like a Cortana which is Microsoft’s audio query tool. Cortana manage all your queries by voice interaction and manage all the answers. The new Microsoft Edge is a replacement of Internet Explorer web browser. Its new Application store manages all the purchases of apps for the employees in an organization. In order to get the apps from Windows store you need to sign in to Azure AD account. Windows 10 Enterprise edition 90 day trial also offers device management system options that secure all your desktop, laptop, mobile and smartphones to reset or restrict the applications from store.

Steps to Download and Install Windows 10 Enterprise Edition 90day trial:

  • Go to Microsoft’s TechNet Evaluation Center via Microsoft website
  • Sign-in with your Microsoft’s account and click on the register to continue button
  • Check the option for Windows 10 Enterprise edition
  • Choose from the option to download 32bit or 64bit version as per requirement
  • Select your language
  • Download the ISO file, click on save and press OK to continue
  • Copy the ISO file to USB drive or burn on DVD using Windows USB/DVD Download tool or any other program
  • After copying the ISO file on USB drive or burn on DVD, you can install Windows 10 Enterprise edition opting from these two options

Although Windows 10 OS is available free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8.1 users but Windows 10 Enterprise edition would be a better choice as it is free for 90 days and can run in a dual boot or virtual machine setup. By clicking below the link you will be redirected to Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise edition registration process to Download.

                                            Download Microsoft 90 day trial for Windows 10 Enterprise Edition Here

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