MSI G31TM-P25 (Msi ms 7529 ver 1.6) Motherboard Drivers

MSI G31TM-P25 (Msi ms 7529 ver 1.6)Motherboard Drivers

MSI N1996 Based mother board Audio ,VGA, and LAN Driver Download, Mother Board model no: G31TM-P25, Msi ms 7529 ver 1.6 model board, cpu:Intel® Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, Pentium and Celeron in the LGA775 package. Intel® G31 Chipset – Supports FSB 800/1066/1333/1600* (OC) MHz. Supports dual channel, DDR2 667/800. 8GB Max, Audio:Chip integrated by Realtek® ALC888S, Lan Supports PCIE LAN 10/100/1000 Fast Ethernet by Realtek 8111DL. 2 x USB 2.0 connector support additional 4 ports.Hi-Speed USB (USB2.0) controller, 480Mb/sec, up to 8 ports.MSI G31TM-P25 Manual download. This Mother msi N1996 (G31TM-P25) supports Windows 98,Xp,Vista,and 7 Operating System.This MSI G31TM-P25 , Msi 7529 Lan ,Audio,Vga and Chipset Drivers Download
Select your OS Download from Below link::
Chipsets Drivers – Win7 32Win7 64Vista 32Vista 64XP 32XP 64
Realtek PCI-E Ethernet Drivers  – Win7 32Win7 64Vista 32Vista 64XP 32XP 64
Realtek Audio Driver – Win7 32Win7 64Vista 32Vista 64XP 32XP 64
Intel 945G Series VGA Drivers – Win7 32Win7 64Vista 32Vista 64XP 32XP 64win 2000

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    Brilliant stuff. yes it seemed impossible to find these drivers until I found this site. Thank-you very much!!!

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    thanks so much friend long time searching about ms driver really not popular this MB

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    my msi ni996 ms-7529 usb port are not working.. plz send me a usb drivers

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