NetDrive – Download The Network Drive for Windows

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If you ever need the comfort of accessing ftp servers as if you were exploring a part of your system’s hard drive, NetDrive is the right choice for you. NetDrive helps users to manage remote ftp server with utmost ease. It mounts the ftp as a virtual drive and completely eliminates the need of FTP client software. With NetDrive installed in your systems, transferring files is as simple as pie. Just by using the drag and drop option you can instantly transfer any of your files to the remote server. The benevolent NetDrive software comes free of cost for home users.

Some of the notable features of NetDrive include accessing remote server as if your local drive, ability to run almost any files, supports SSL connection, and compatibility with Windows 8 operating system. As far as the user reviews of NetDrive 1.3.4 are concerned, the software has received a good rating in various review websites from both professionals and beginners. NetDrive 1.3.4 download is available for users at various sources.

Download The Software Below:

NetDrive – Download The Network Drive for Windows

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