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Norton Ghost 15.0 backup application is a well-known software that empowers users to copy the entire drive for additional security of crucial data. Norton Ghost 15.0 allows users to backup copies of individual files or in bunches. The software package includes Symantec Antivirus in order to eliminate any threats and disinfect file containing malicious codes. Norton Ghost 15.0 is an excellent tool that can help you in offsite backup. With Norton Ghost it is possible to create back up of all your vital data on a variety of storage devices, such as USB drives, CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray disks.

Norton Ghost 15.0 has an intuitive user interface aimed at less tech savvy users. The superbly designed software is self-guiding and can enable users to back up all the files without having to refer the manuals. Although the backup process is quick enough, it is bit slower than its competitors in the market. Norton Ghost 15.0 reviews on the internet show that the product has been well received by the users. Downloading Norton Ghost 15.0 is an easy task as the software is available for free download at numerous websites.

Norton Ghost 15 Review/Overview

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Norton Ghost 15.0 Download – Norton Ghost

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