Norton Security Deluxe 2016 Free Trial Download for 30 Days

Norton Security Deluxe 2016 Overview:

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Norton security deluxe is Symantec’s creation that is designed to defend against the latest online threats, viruses, spywares and other unknown threats. The Trial version of Norton security deluxe is now available to download and use for 30 days. It is packed with security features and provides protection to multiple devices including Windows, Mac, Android, iPad and iPhone devices. The Norton security deluxe 2016 now features an identity protection and a data theft module that protects you from phishing websites. It is flexible as you can add or move protection from any device to another device easily.

Norton Security Deluxe 2016 Best Security Suite:

Norton has three different security products comes in a standard edition that protects single device and a Norton security deluxe that protects upto 5 devices. Norton security deluxe 2016 is the complete replacement of Norton’s Antivirus & Internet security that defends against all types of threats and protects your identity online. As far as features concerned Norton security 2016 includes an antivirus, firewall, identity protection and a PC Tuner for best system performance. It supports multiple devices and can be installed in any device you use for getting maximum protection.

Norton security deluxe is a fast and lightweight security application that has heavy impact on threats and light on system usage. It safeguards your identity and online transactions while you are shopping or banking over the Internet. It is designed to protect multiple devices including windows, Mac, tablets and other mobile devices that are managed through its web-portal. While subscription version of Norton security deluxe has some more features like online backup, parental control and also Norton guarantees to refund money if any virus was found and it cannot remove it.

Norton Security Deluxe 2016 Features:

  • Blocks and removes viruses, spywares, malwares and other online threats
  • Identity and data protection
  • Browse, bank and shop safely
  • Alerts about the infected websites
  • Secure multiple devices
  • Easy to manage web-portal
  • Complete privacy protection

Norton Security Deluxe 2016 System Requirements:

  • Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista/XP
  • 1GB hard disk space
  • 6GHz processor or later
  • 512MB RAM or more
  • Supports Mac OSX, Android 2.0 or later and iOS7 or later

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