Pampa Web Browser Download For Windows PC

Pampa Web Browser Free Download Overview:

Pampa is a fast, secure and an innovative web-browser designed by the Pampa team that goes beyond your browsing experience. The developer Pampa Team has released the latest updated version of Pampa which is an open source application and completely free to download on your system. It has several features including a multi-tasking browser, a built-in editor and a mini website panel that will enhance your browsing over the Internet.

Pampa browser image, Pampa web browser screenshot

Pampa browser looks similar to Mozilla Firefox browser as it is build on Gecko rendering engine for faster rendering pages on a website. The layout of Pampa web browser consists of several buttons with hidden menus that makes enough space for displaying a website. You can find a quick search field option which is easily customizable and navigating the web, bookmarks and downloads. Its Dual-mode feature helps you to view multiple websites simultaneously on which makes your work simple to perform multiple tasks at a time. A mini website panel is very helpful in Pampa web interface that helps you access any website and view the saved bookmarks easily. The most amazing feature in Pampa browser is its built-in editor that allows you to take pictures, copy, save the web-contents etc over the Internet.

Pampa browser latest version has some new features included like an image manager, video downloader and a Group manager that manages various operations. As far as security is concerned, Pampa browser offers to create an account with password protected where you can store all your username, password, bookmarks etc on your account. Overall Pampa is a feature packed web browser with dedicated browsing speed and reliable protection features makes it as an alternative to the default browser.

Pampa Web Browser Free Download Features:

  • Gecko based browser with Firefox looks
  • Dual-browser options
  • Mini website panel
  • Built-in editor
  • Video Download manager
  • Groups manager
  • Image manager
  • Quick search option
  • Floating gallery

Pampa Web Browser Free Download System Requirements:

  • Windows xp/vista/7/8 and 10 (32/64bit)
  • 30MB hard disk space
  • 512MB RAM or higher
  • 1.6GHz processor or higher for 64bit processors

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