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Intended to make sure that your online life is made hassle-free, Panda Internet Security 2015 protects your PC from online fraud and maximum antivirus, besides also providing WI-Fi and firewall and protection.

Panda Internet Security 2015 Key Features:

  • Keeps your confidential data and documents secured.
  • Kids are fortified from inappropriate content such as pornography, weapons, drugs etc., thanks to parental control.
  • Data Shield: Files that you’d like to be protected no matter what are specified, enabling you to use your PC without fretting about losing precious information. Gone are those days when you made desperate attempts to recover your valued holiday pictures. Ransom ware such as CryptoLocker is also prevented by this software from encrypting your documents and files.
  • The document folder for every user account is protected by the Data Shield feature, which by default extends protection to Microsoft Office documents, audio, video and images. Other locations or file types must be kept protected. , while safe programs are allowed access automatically.
  • By clicking Deny, you can avoid unknown programs from attempting to access your files.


Installation is a Breeze:

Panda seems to be impressively fast when it comes to mentioning the time taken for the installation process. Total time taken for online Panda account connection and activation of the software takes about a little more than 3 minutes. While about 10 to 15 minutes of installation time is taken for an average suite occupying about 400 – 500MB on the disk, Panda occupies only 267MB.

Panda Internet Security 2015 features a virtual keyboard that is meant for entering passwords safely, a WI-Fi monitor which makes sure that intruders are detected without delay and also a higher support level. In an attempt to get rid of and destroy resistant malware, there is a feature called USB Vaccine, which works by inoculating the USB drives to protect against infection. All the processes along with connected websites (if any) are all enlisted by a process monitor.


Firewall could not stand the web-based tests and this means that it is quite vulnerable for malware disabling.

Operating Systems:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Download The Software Below:

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