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PeerBlock is an open source freeware that enables one to control their PC interaction with other computers over the web. It is an advanced IP blocking utility that blocks servers and troublesome sites that might be dangerous. With this smart utility, you get to block a specific site, besides creating or importing your own lists. Following are some of PeerBlock key features – 

  • Numerous lists of host addresses that are frequently-updated are provided by PeerBlock, unlike other firewall programs that block hosts one by one.
  • Once PeerBlock is run, its options are set up with the help of a wizard and this can be changed later. These include whatever you wish to block by default, anti-P2P organizations, spyware,  ads and educational institutions and universities are all blocked by PeerBlock.
  • Always Allow HTTP is a checkbox option, wherein your PC connections over ports 80 and 443 are enabled, although they are on your blocklist. While other programs also access them, these two ports are generally meant for Web browsing.


There are two tabs on PeerBlock’s interface – Protection and Settings, wherein the latter tab is stretched over two pages. Once you right click on the system tray icon, the main console opens; upon left-clicking, a context menu opens allowing instant access to Enable and Disable controls, HTTP options, apart from basic but useful controls such as always on top, and support.

Download The Software Below:

PeerBlock 1.2 Free Download

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