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Pegasus Mail is yet another email client that is loaded with features for the comfort of users. Pegasus Mail has multilingual capabilities and supports multiple users. Protocols supported by Pegasus Mail 4.63 include SMTP, IMAP, POP3, LDAP, and PH. If you are looking for an email client with complete set of tools for every one of your needs then Pegasus Mail is a great choice for you. The filtering capabilities of the software are highly commendable. The software also empowers users to set rules to split emails according to their convenience.

As far as security is concerned Pegasus Mail uses good many techniques like encryption of messages and detection of harmful links in emails. Privacy has been give priority in the software. Other noteworthy features of Pegasus Mail include the built-in dictionary, message reader, and wrapping tools. Pegasus Mail is also capable of generating HTML mails and creating custom email headers. The functionalities, such as auto complete, hyperlinks, drag and drop support for attachments are very handy when it comes to sending large number of emails. Pegasus Mail reviewers have rated the product with 4 stars on a five-star rating scale.

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Pegasus Mail Free Download

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