Petite 2.3 standard – free win32 executable compressor

Petite 2.3 standard - free win32 executable compressor

Petite standard is a free win32 executable compressor.Executable ex:EXE/DLL/etc…, Petite 2.3 can compress all parts of the executable – code, data and resources. The compressed executables decompress themselves at run time, and can be used just like the original non-compressed versions. Petite also adds virus detection to the compressed executables – they will check themselves for infection every time they are executed. Executable compressor – the compressed files can be executed just like before they were compressed. A very usefull tool win32 executable compressor. Two versions of Petite are provided, a GUI version and a command-line console version. The GUI version allows quick and easy use of Petite, and the command-line version allows developers to automate the use of Petite in compilers’ build processes and makefiles.
3 Licence type available :Standard , Shareware, Commercial.
Standard is freeware version :  This STANDARD license allows you to use Petite to compress files for your own use on your own computer. It also allows you to distribute Petite compressed files in your freeware products.
File size: 106K
Platform: Windows 9X/ME/NT/2K/2003/XP/Vista
Publisher: Unforeseen Developments



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